Disgusted by Police Cruel Dog Killing

February 24, 2016

I am disguised by the murder of a dog by The North Wales Police, (http://www.north-wales.police.uk/news-and-appeals/incident-involving-a-d og-on-the-a55.aspx) what is wrong with using a tranquillizer gun, closing the road to do this for for a reasonable period of time! As for the Police update http://www.north-wales.police.uk/news-and-appeals/further-statement-regarding-the-incident-with-the-dog-on-the-a55-1.aspx just obnoxious of Chief Superintendent Sacha Hatchett  to back officers committing animal cruelty.
People who kill or injure animals are well known to often end up killing people.
The owners of the dog should sue them, they were obviously responsible owners or they would not have had their pet chipped, if I was them I would be heartbroken & devastated. I wonder if they have had any form of apology yet for the unlawful cruel killing of their pet?
People like myself who love animals would like to see the Police Officers responsible sacked end of.. At the least name & shame them!

These are my babies, Foxie watching me

Foxie 7 yr old Blue Merle Border Collie with her pup Spottykins

Spotty waiting for Foxe & Dad

Spottykins  2 yr old Tri Coloured Border Collie watching me.

How would you react had it been your beloved pet that they had so callously run down & murdered?  Just what sort of example is this to give to our children or  grandchildren. British animal lovers should unite to stoop this ever happening again!

What is next Shoot the refugees/migrants when  they arrive on our shores because they might be a danger to our way of life/culture or turn into rapists having zilch respect for woman, as there are after all no checks & balances in place.




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Humanitarian or Stupid Migration of Refugees.

January 27, 2016

Humanitarian or Stupid Migration of Refugees.

Humanitarian or Stupid Migration of Refugees.A friend sent me the below message on facebook Being humanitarian by nature I can understand anyone who feels the need to help others. I have to wonder though how many people women especially are really kee to bring in refugees or migrants who will in some cases behave as those described i my friends message?

Hallo dear Linda,-
I hope and wish for you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in Jersey !
For the most Germans the New Years Eve (Silvester) began with a shock:
In several big towns like Cologne,-approxm.1000 arabic men had met at the Cologne railway Station,where lots of Germans were celebrating Silvester. Then suddenly groups with large number of men started to hunt for german women and then surrounded them.Then this arabic men and asylum seekers began to touch the women sexually against their will,-and some men tried also to tear off the women`s clothes from their bodies,-against their will. Three women got raped and over 200 women sexual abused.170 get robbed their money and mobile phones….. WHERE HAVE BEEN THE POLICE?
The Police President of County Nord Rhein Westfalen,sent only 150 policemen to this place. The policemen did as much they were able,-but with only 150 against 1000 Arabs …? Yesterday the Police President was sacked.The next scandal was/is : Policemen whistleblowed that they got “HIGH”order not to tell anything about this terrible Event in public.But because they have been so angry about the fact,that they have not been enough policemen ,-they couldn`t help every screaming and crying woman….-they needed to talk about this . They also got the order if they have to write a Report about this, NEVER use the expression “refugee” or “asylum seekers”. I have the supposal that our DEMOCRACY in Germany get removed..step..by..step.. A catholic Bishop wrote,that the Life for the Germans will Change a lot.We couldn`t expect the same freedom we were used before.And that we have to share a lot with the refugees…??? Some demonstrations took part,-the best was the women Demonstration in Cologne a few days ago.LINDA,I`m still a believer in Democracy,and I was so proud that Germany THIS TIME helps poor refugees and People with other religion and culture. And my plan was to help in my freetime in a refugee-accommodation . But since these terrible Silvester Events of Cologne,- I only want to save my life. NO woman in Germany has deserved to get used by asylum seekers and arab migrants as a SEX-TOY. Please keep your Jersey borders closed. And I hope,that Prime Minister Cameron will watch the Situation here in Germany,- and wait for the results of the british Referendum,-before he “invites” ref………s. I HOPE the Situation in Germany becomes better. Today they reported,that they want to make an intensification of sexual criminal law and an intensification of asylum rights. Criminel asylum seekers will have to leave Germany-destination back home

Xmas Spirit Screenplay Series.

October 31, 2015

I have been inundated with readers who want to know where to find all the episodes of my Xmas Spirit Series, so here are the links you need my friends,enjoy and have a wonderful life 🙂 When you have your copy it would be great if you could find the time to review, thank you, you make my day when you pick up one of my books 🙂

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Some things you never get over.

October 20, 2015

I was watching morning TV the other morning  They had a woman on talking about the grief of losing a child.  I never received any help after losing either of the two children I lost. Benjamin to a cot death in 1976 and Natasha to cancer in 1990, no counselling or anything else was offered to us zilch.

I wrote a thought piece after the program aired, showed it to one friend who thought I should send it to the program, so I am doing so in the hopes it will help whoever reads it to understand the feelings of those who have lost a child or children a little better.

Below is the thought piece.

Behind Weathered Eyes.

By Linda Corby

The tears behind the weathered eyes,

the soulful grey inside,

is not seen by many,

nor is the pain inside.

Losing a loved one is bad enough,

worse when that one is your child,

the memories never fade,

your love of life drained.

The choking of the tears within,

the wish it had been you instead,

never leaves your head,

right up until you are dead.

Time makes little difference,

people say it heals,

I know this is not true,

Nothing can replace a loved one.

Memories spring from everywhere,

From opening ones eyes in the morning,

to our dreams as we sleep,

Evermore they are with us.

At least this is how it is for me,

If you have lost a child,

I expect for you to,

in my case it was two.

If interested I have one book out there of thought pieces, some that have won poetry awards.

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Halloween Be ready grab this quick.

September 10, 2015

Halloween Ghost Story

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Will The Jersey Police continue to cover up for Edward Heath?

August 4, 2015

As I reported to the Police back in the 1970’s seeing 11 children go out from Jersey on the Morning Cloud with Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville and a Jersey States Senator at the time, I was with another Jersey States member Senator Ralph Vibert, he told me later that day that  only ten boys came back and I went to the Police with him to report this and ask for the matter to be investigated. Nothing was done Senator Ralph Vibert told me that nothing was being done and we could not take things further on instructions from above, I know the Police man who wanted to investigate stopped doing so being in fear of repercussions. Disgusting but true. I do not for a moment that the truth will ever come out now as there is still a continual cover up in the island and anything dirty will be swept up and shoved under the carpet. I speak openly about this as I will not be party to it,the abused deserve better, end of.

I hate it when people have said to me in Jersey that they are fed up of hearing about those who have not had justice that have been abused in the island, like a lot of the general publish in the island also wish to brush everything under the carpet, this in my opinion is because they have been brainwashed by the continual whitewash reporting by the islands main media who have in the past continually been party to the cover up that continues to go on in the island.

It would be wonderful if everyone stopped being afraid of their own shadows and told the truth about the things they know about, the Jersey way has to stop, there are plenty of others who saw what I saw, just wish they would come forward and help put wrongs to rights, that is the only way the island can clear its name. Come forward and be clean stop the lies and cover up.

Jersey people need to stop allowing themselves to be part of a culture of fear!

I hope the new inquiry will not be another whitewash!  We will see?

The Times 4.8.2015

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Caravan book touring in the UK

June 8, 2015

I am having a fantastic time visiting old friends around the UK.
I had very fund memories of wondering around the UK countryside, and now I am doing that again I feel so much more relaxed than I did in Jersey. You can follow my travels on here if you like, and see some of the beautiful pics that I am taking along the way, it is so nice to be home after 50 years away, and I am finding that my writing is benefiting from the freedom to roam I now have.
Obviously, I have to find a base in the UK or return to Jersey, What I decide to do will probably be dictated by how many books I sell as an author it would be lovely to sell enough to stay home for my retirement, not that I will ever really retire, bit boring to do so.
I would also love a bit of land so I could rescue some animals along the way, something very dear to my heart.
The first night in The UK we stayed in a country Lay-by with views to kill for, watched the Squirrels in the trees opposite us as I fell asleep, the second I watch the bats at dusk, then a red fox running across a long field followed shortly after by a family of Badgers, things I remembered seeing often as a child but had near enough forgotten how wonderful they were to watch!


Right Now I am at my friend Joan’s, literally views to kill for,lol.
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