Channel TV online elections questionnaire Linda Corby’s answers.

September 29, 2011

Below are my answers to the Channel TV questionaire, as yet to be updated on their webpage.

What do you see as the key issue facing Jersey?

Economy; We need to generate more income from all sectors and help small businesses. Lower travel expenses this would bring down prices across the board, for finance, tourism, agriculture, sports and leisure etc.

We need to bring down the cost of living in the island, not just for the benefit of the residences but also to help tourism, this used to be a cheap holiday destination but now everything is fare more expensive than many other destinations.

Remove GST off food and other essential items. Too many people’s incomes are not even keeping up with the cost of living index.

We need a fairer tax system. It is unacceptable that lower earning and middle earning people of Jersey should be paying the same level of taxation as those earning vast amounts of money.

I would seriously research and consider anything that could boost our economy even in this global recession.

Will you be seeking promotion to the Council of Ministers – if so, which position would you like and why? 

No because I believe a first term to be a learning cycle.  Having said that I would consider anything asked of me and work hard in any position or job that came my way. I am not someone who is afraid of being upfront outspoken, straight talking and transparent.

I enjoy a challenge and there are many challenges ahead of anyone elected to the States in these worrying times. I feel we need people who are willing to tackle whatever is thrown at them to the best of their ability, willing to listen, research and debate any problems that arise in any area that effects the islands people, in a manner that reflects the actual wishes of the people and what is right for the island as a whole, to protect the quality of all our lives.

Why should islanders vote for you?

I know what it is like to live in all walks of life and we already have enough politicians who do not know what it is like to live on a low or middle earning income, who in reality do not appear going by their collective decisions in the States understand how much the cost of living for low or middle earners needs looking into and needs sorting out, along with the need for small businesses to be on a level playing field with those from outside of the island. The pensioners and low earners desperately need their pensions or earnings to be raised to a realistic level with their pensions, earnings linked to the cost of living annually.

I hear, understands the need of the islands people as a whole and if honoured enough to be elected I promise I will stick to my manifesto, I will be accountable.

A bit of extra information for you, not related to the questionnaire:

Just for fun I have posted the posters my beautiful daughter April designed for me, she is so clever at this sort of thing and can do it in half the time it would have taken me, as well as doing a better job of it.

If you would like to comment on anything on this page including the poster designs below feel free, have a wonderful day,   Linda

If you would like to help my campaine please do contact me, and should you wish to print out and pop one of my posters in your window for others to see just right click save as and then print out in colour or black and white. Thank you


Linda Corby Jersey Channel Islands Election 2011

September 16, 2011

I am standing for the Senator elections in Jersey on the 19th of October 2011 and in order to be fair to all will not resume my normal postings until after this date.

For further information please Click Here

There are four polls below the first is for who you would vote for in first place, followed by the other three places. Thank you.

Thank you  for voting in this poll 🙂

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