2011 Jersey Elections My thoughts on the final hurdle.

I am reposting my thought here from my election page at http://www.jerseyrights.com/?page_id=89

Welcome to Jersey Rights, Linda Corby’s Political Blog. If you are here you are obviously interested in Jersey Politics. I believe that we need new blood in the States of jersey, people who are going to keep their word and work hard for the people of the island. For this and many other reasons I will be standing for Senator in the upcoming Jersey 2011 elections on the 19th of October

polls open 8.00 a.m; close at 8.00 p.m.

We are facing the final hurdle, voting day, and I for one have enjoyed each and every hurdle along the way.

I feel that we could be facing a long wait for the votes to be counted, I have heard that the Senator ballots will be counted last and all the candidates and voters I have spoken to are of the opinion that the Senatorial votes should be counted first because of the importance of their being an island-wide vote.

Also I have heard that that counting might be stopped on Wednesday night, and only resumed the next day. All the candidates and voters I have spoken to do not like this idea and find it totally wrong and objectionable.

It does not matter how long it takes to announce all results, the count and results should be done on the same night even if it goes on into the following morning.

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