Thank you for my 2011 election experience from Linda Corby

I Just want to say a big thank you to those of you who honoured me with your votes in the 2011 election, and give my congratulates publically to those who were elected and my sympathy to those who were not and I say “I’ll be Back”.

There are some things people need to know during an election in order to fairly decide who to vote for.

Firstly people need to know how much a candidate has at their disposal and intend spending for their election campaign, this information should be in the public domain, that is their estimated spend before hand and their actual spend afterwards.

I will publish my expenditure account at a later date on this blog, but I can tell you it was in total under £1000.00 and I will also tell you exactly how my funds were raised.

I spoke to a number of other candidates on this matter and you would be surprised at how many used the total amount allowed.

A quarter page add in the JEP costs around $500.00, one big banner costs £99.00, of course some candidates have banners and posters they can also reuse from previous elections, such as the banners etc that I will hopefully health permitting reuse in the 2014 elections.

I am not in the least surprised by the 2011 election results in fact any other result would have surprised me.

I say this because the media reporting across the board and not just the accredited media actually played right into the hands of those who were elected. They picked their sides and reported accordingly, in doing so they actually managed to do the voting public a miss-service between them in my opinion.

I will explain this to you from a personal perspective of some of my observations and experiences during the election in a later post as I am still analysing the factual factors involved.

Here is a taste for you.

What I will say is that in the main what the general public got to see hear and read about the Senatorial candidates was cherry picked, for example all the questions and all the answers, plus the full speeches given by candidates at the hustings should have been reported on fully without editing by the JEP as it is the only newspaper in the island, they were not, in consequence not only were a number of questions repeated at hustings, but the majority of people had no idea what had actually been said at any of the husting apart from the very first one, before the JEP changed their format for reporting on the hustings,

As for the media blogers, well some did a reasonable job, but one to my amazement got hoodwinked and even showed a bias for one particular establishment candidate plant, and in doing so showed an obvious bias against myself and another genuine candidate whose heart was in the right place, and others. I will leave you to work out who this one was?

7 Responses to Thank you for my 2011 election experience from Linda Corby

  1. mopinwil says:

    Although you didn’t win I hope you enjoyed the experience and I note you say you will stand again – Good to hear it! Now for the coffee when you have time


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