Investigative Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman Banned from the United Kingdom.

June 29, 2012

Please read what happened to Leah McGrath Goodman

Author, Historian and Investigative Journalist when he tried to come back to Jersey and investigate further into the Haut de la Garenne scandal, Click here to do so.

Banned from the UK  in the wake of research for his next book in the ‘Channel Islands, a $1 trillion tax haven off the coast of England.’  One has to ask “What price exposing corruption in Jersey?”


Below is the comment I left to this article. (Please do leave you comments if possible.)

Nothing you have said here or anything that has happened to you holds any surprise for me.  Sorry to say it but I have lived in Jersey over 40 years, married to a local Jerseyman so they cannot actually throw me out, plus of course I was born in the UK.

I am one of those labelled as a Jersey vile blogger for telling the truth and like many living in the island I know of things that would make your toes curl in horror/truly cringe worthy happenings that nothing has ever been done about.

I also have friends who are among those abused. Know many people who have suffered at the hands of every day corruption here, known as the Jersey way.

Go against the Jersey way and you will find yourself never being able to go forward with your life peacefully in the island, never having planning permission on any land you own, never getting any local media coverage for your books if you happen to be an author, which I am, even the book I wrote’Zoom into Profit’ at the request of our local Social Security careers department has not been given one line by any of our media, go figure.

I have always fought against corruption, but exposing or trying to expose  corruption in this island is deeply frowned upon and everyone who has lived here knows that fighting it here is like stabbing yourself in the foot, do so and you will be black listed for all time, silently but in every which way.

My or should I say my families downfall happened many years ago when my husband took a states member to court and won the case and in reality we would have been better off financially at least if we had left the island after that, but heck I have balls and do not take kindly to the  Jersey way.

So we stayed and I have been trying to fight the corruption here ever since, banging me head against a brick wall, have stood for election a couple of times to try and help the honest and good people in the island, and actually did get a good number of votes last time.

People like me have two options, one leave the island, and two stay fight for what is right and get battered for doing so.

Anyway, I wish you luck for the future and hope that you will not give up on fighting for what is right.

End comment.

If you did not get The Guardian today I suggest you do so or click here


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