Jersey does not build or allow homes to be built for Jersey People.

July 30, 2012

There are many better places that building could be allowed for actual Jersey People in the island. Where the planning permission for Jersey people to self build on their own land could elevate the problem for many who can not afford the ludicrously expencive properties being build for supposed first time buyers.

Unfortunately we have had planning by personality for so long that people just resignedly accept it.  You will not get anything passed in Jersey unless your face fits, I know I have tried and watched land that should never have been built on passed with no problem.  As it is said ‘money talks, ‘

I sent a correspondence out to all States Members on the 4th of November 2010 with proof that the then planning department had been for many years not been allowing me planning  on my field at St Peters, while allowing extensive building to go on all around the area.

All but one States Member at the time bothered to  reply, strange but true, a few of them said that they would now back planning on my land, but none have replied in writing, go figure.

The below information was sent to all States Members at the time.

To: All Member of The States of Jersey and The Jersey Planning Department. Password protected on the 4th of November 2010.

From, Linda Corby.

6 Dorset Mews

Dorset Lane

St Helier

Jersey, C.I.


Tel: 07700360796


Thursday, 05 December 2010

To: All Member of The States of Jersey and The Jersey Planning Department.


The Jersey Way of Planning Part one can be read and viewed here: This is the link if you wish to put it into your browser

Rightly or wrongly I feel that our family has been blacklisted by the Jersey Planning department for over 30 years, you can call me paranoid if you like but we have had years of being turned down by planning while watching untold development being passed and allowed in the area of our land, huge extensions on properties right left and center has been passed, while we have been allowed zilch.

I personally cannot understand how our having one small echo friendly dwelling on the front part of our field can be considered detrimental to the amenities. It is not taking away good agricultural Land and cannot be seen from the Five Mile road conservation area.  I am more than willing to meet up with and show any of you our field and discuss the issue with you.

Please do read the below letter from the Estate Agent Frank Luce who sold our property ‘High View’ in St Peters back when we were waiting to get the Terry Le Main case to court, this saga all started at a time when planning refused to let us do anything that would have resulted in making an income from this property in order to be able to afford to keep it, and I feel that Frank Luce put it in a more straight forward manner than I would.

The fact is that huge extensions some bigger than the property I would like to have to live in on my own land are constantly being passed by our planning department, rubbing the fact that I have been unable to have any enjoyment out of my own land for over 30 years in my face.

I attended a meeting on my land recently with two States members and Ralph Buchholz on behalf of the Jersey Planning Department. This was in fact a very agreeable meeting, I have always got on well with the two States members and I found Ralph Buchholz to be a very personable individual and took a liking to him, we may not of agreed on all matters but he is the main reason that this correspondence will not be instantly going live on the internet, the only people who will be able to view this right now will be the Jersey States Members and the Jersey Planning Department.

It may or may not become live on the internet at some future date in time, but I wish to give the current States Members and the present Planning Department the chance to put the wrong that has been done to us right.  I do not wish to air this in public unless I absolutely have to as two wrongs do not make a right and, if this can be sorted out amicably I feel it would be to the advantage of all concerned.

All I want at the end of the day is to live in peace in a small property on my own land that I can leave to my youngest daughter so she does not have to eventually leave the island as my eldest daughter has already had to do in order to have a decent standard of living for her and her family, I do not feel this is too much to ask for under the circumstances.

In order to achieve this goal I am asking you all The Jersey States Members and the Jersey Planning Department for your help and compassion in this matter.

Please consider the below recent developments that have been passed near my land (my land being of no agricultural value and under a verge in size,) and mull over how you might feel in my shoes before relying. Thank you.

Luxury plans for Sunset Nursery site, replacing agricultural glasshouses etc. Mansion/Hotel sized, that will be plainly seen from the Five Mile road conservation area.

Extension to property behind my field, photograph taken from my field, note it is the size of a house.

Extension to property at the end of Le Mont  track behind to the left of the previous property photograph, as you can see it is yet again the size of a house.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time considering this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Linda Corby


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