Jersey Justice the Jersey Way will end one day.

November 13, 2012

The Jersey Way would appear to be let’s cover up anything that might expose any of its dirty little secrets, and Jersey Justice, well that is laughable, Justice according to those in charge would appear to be and is actually according to the powers that be is ‘Not in the public interest,’ and as we are all led to believe that the real criminals in our island are those who would expose child abuse, those who are stupid enough to fight real crime and expose it for what it is who must be put in their place, blacklisted, ridiculed as trouble makers and exposed in our accredited media as simply vile and bad for the islands image.

The sad thing is the brainwashing of the general public by a bias media, some of whom it appear have become tired of hearing the truth from those of us vile enough to tell it, and have for example become sick of hearing about the abuse victims of our children’s homes, who have become hardened over a period of time and are heard to pass gross comments like ‘Oh, not that abuse stuff being dragged up again. When in fact that abuse stuff as some put it has never been sorted out properly, and those abused have been ridiculed rather than looked after and those who have committed gross crimes against them rather than being brought to justice have never been investigated and brought to justice, they have been allowed to go free and very probably will never have to pay the price for what they did, as it would appear that the powers that be would rather see the whole episode brushed under the carpet.

I ask myself how many have been saying nothing about all too much for too many years in what many consider to be a culture of fear in the island. You see it is proof not truth that matters in law, and in a lot of cases those who had the alleged proof have taken it with them to the grave.

How much more corruption like this Click here will the good people of the island put up with?

One day the truth will out it has a habit of doing so, but it may well not be in my lifetime, more is the shame.


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