What Would be an Appropriate Compensation for the Jersey Channel Island Abused.

April 2, 2013

I am a blogger who has always backed those abused in Jersey Channel Islands or anywhere else for that matter, but I have never betrayed the confidences of high up States Members, States Police Officers, Members of the Honary and the abused themselves going back to the early 70’s to date and never would.

In order to really understand what an abused person feels I feel one has to have been abused yourself. I was abused, not in Jersey and not in a care home anywhere. I also know what it feels like to be called a liar when you tell an adult the truth, some people are loath to believe anything horrible and would rather call a child a liar, accuse them of making up stories or of attention seeking and exaggeration. Gross but true.

It takes a lot of guts to ask for help by telling an adult when you have been abused.

On one occasion a Priest visited The Convent school I attended in England and one of the Nuns took my into a room and left me there on my own with him, telling me it was some sort of honour that he had chosen me to speak to, the dirty old pervert ask me to sit on his lap, like he was father Christmas, only to shoot his hand up my skirt and grab at my knickers and private parts, I slapped him, hard across the face screamed and ran from the room.

You would imagine that this Priest would have been in trouble for doing such a thing, but you would be dead wrong, the Nun and the Priest both lied their heads off, so the opposite occurred and I was expelled for supposedly being a disruptive influence. I was twelve at the time and I have never forgiven this injustice.

My point is that children talk and it soon got round, everyone knew in the 50’s, 60’s. 70’s and even into the 80‘s that speaking out about such abuse left one open to all sorts of unwanted unpleasant consequences.

You only have to look at the Jimmy Savile fiasco with so many people in all walks of life who must have known what was going on and doing nothing about it, to know that what I say is true.

There is no appropriate compensation for those who have been abused, because there is no way of accurately gauging this, not only is each case different, the loss of confidence or self-worth can cause irreparable damage to the abused persons future prospects, it is like trying to gauge the future earnings of a business without the proof of whatever earning or contractual values there may or may not be in the future.

I would personally consider a compensation that would be enough to give the abused person a freehold home (a decent roof over their heads) and a secure yearly income enough to support themselves to the end of their lives. Anything less I consider to be insulting and belittling to the abused. Note: I declare that I have nothing to gain by this suggestion what-so-ever.

I would suggest that the bulk of payments made to those abused should come out of the pockets of the abusers. Unfortunately, many of the abusers have not been prosecuted, in some cases the abusers have died (then the money should be taken out of their estates, even if this means taking it back from those who inherited from these estates), and others who the law has failed to follow up on for whatever reason.

We will never know what the abused might have become or how successful or prosperous they would have been in their lives had they not been abused. Before anyone makes any judgement thay should consider the saying “There for the grace of God go I”.


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