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August 24, 2013

Linda Corby is an author/screenwriter who writes from the heart, she believes in sharing whatever knowledge one possess with others from all walks of life to make a better future for all.

For example her book ‘Zoom into Profit‘ that was written at the request of the Careers section of her local Social Security Department and as Linda is a third generation entrepreneur she is very well positioned to show you what entrepreneurs actually do and how their minds work.

Place of birth: London UK (Spent her childhood in Stoughton, West Midlands, England) (Now lives on Jersey in the Channel Islands).

Family Status: Linda is married to Brian Corby a Jerseyman whose Grandmother on his mother’s sides maiden name was De Gruchy. They have two children Clarissa and April. Not including miscarriages they lost two children Benjamin to a cot death at four and a half months and Natasha to cancer at twelve years of age. Linda has two grandsons by her eldest daughter Clarissa who live in Australia.

Linda wrote her first book at the age of thirteen (The Girl Who Believed in Fairies) and this was first published in the early 1980’s, it is still available today and Linda gives fifty percent of anything she makes out of it to ‘Oakwell’ The children’s Hospice in St Brelade Jersey where she lost Natasha to cancer.

Interests and hobbies: Linda loves writing, children, animals especially dogs and horses being an X grade A show-jumper, when she had horse/ponies she always allowed the suitable ones to be used for the disabled, and also took children for equestrian studies on the activity weeks for Le Quennavais School Jersey in the 1970’s.

Linda strongly believes in encouraging future generations (in fact everyone possible) to participate in sport, it is good for the mind/ body, when Linda ran their 24HR Recovery Service she sponsored many classes at various local horse shows and presented the prizes.

In the late 1970’s and through most of the 1980’s Linda represented Horse Watch as a horsy investigator. During this period of time she did investigate the biggest horse fraud that was committed and prosecuted for in the Jersey Royal Court (Civil case).
Linda loves to swim, walk their family dogs, listen to music (Classical, rock, in fact all types of music) read, write on more subjects than one could shake a stick at, researching, gaining knowledge is something she has always done and it’s something we can all do. Linda say’s “Do as you would be done by” and likes to live by this saying.

Linda has a keen interested in politics and follows Jersey’s local ones as closely as possible, she say’s ” one cannot always know what is going on in the island under our noses without checking out the internet citizen media reports, because we only seem to get one side of many stories from our accredited media, there are many good accredited media reporters out there and this reflects badly on them.” She stood for election’s in Jersey in 1999 and 2011. When you read Linda’s autobiography (Bad Blood) it will give you a great insight into life in Jersey.
You will also find more of Linda Corby’s books on Amazon Kindle.

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How many Jersey people are being overcharged for bedrooms not fit for purpose?

August 19, 2013

In Jersey Channel Islands numerous people are being charged full rent for so called bedrooms that are not fit for purpose.
70 square feet is laid down in UK and EU law to be a box room and too small to be classified as a single bedroom. Under the 1985 Housing Act, section 326 relating to over-crowding, bedroom floor space between 50 and 70 square feet is described as not being fit to be occupied by a person.
The ICC 2006 International Residential Code states: no habitable space may be less than 70 square feet. A bedroom is considered a habitable space and as such should be 70 square feet or more.
These are the legal EU room sizes for you.
• less than 50 square feet = no-one
• 50 to less than 70 square feet = half a person
• 70 to less than 90 square feet = one person
• 90 to less than 110 square feet = one and a half persons
• 110 square feet or larger = two persons.

The minimum area for a standard UK Prison
‘single’ cell is seven square metres
(excluding the toilet cubicle).

Generally in an average height room of 7 to 8 over three quarters of room, care must be taken that you do not breath in your own carbon dioxide.
If you are living in Jersey and being charged full rent for an undersized bedroom please do leave a comment, something needs doing about this.

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