Cheap viable Lazer traffic that works.

September 1, 2013

I really cannot believe that after years of trying to market my books that I have actually found a Cheap viable Lazer targeted traffic that works. This click method that is working properly.
I’ve tried everything to get traffic that actually results in sales, and it makes no difference how good or bad your books are, without getting what is known as lazer traffic to them you do not stand a chance of selling any real numbers of your books.
I have tried and tested near enough every software, course or program I could lay my hands on for years and had no success with any of them until now, when by fluke a friend sent me the details for this one.
This one works with whatever you are selling digitally or otherwise, it is cost effective and really did surprise me as it worked within hours of using it.
I put its details up on a group I was a member of on facebook on the day I bought it because I wanted to know what others on this group thought about it, this is what I said:
Quote: As we all know If you want your books or for that matter anything else to sell then there really is only one way to go and that is to actually get real lazer traffic to them, and the best place to get this is on facebook. now like me you have probably found using facebook adds to be expensive. Now apparently there is a way to do this at a fraction of the price per click, in fact about 1 -3 cents per click and this actually makes facebook advertising viable. I am trying this out not asking you to buy it if you have tried this method please give me your opinion on it. ” End Quote.
This comment got me dumped off the facebook books group? However, I used the new traffic method I mentioned above on a book of mine last night and when I checked the results today I had made an extra $100 something I did not expect. you go. 30-Aug-13 (Fri)
29-Aug-13 (Thu)

That is straight off copy pasted from one of my accounts. Below is one of my facebook adds that is paying off on facebook.

Feminist Revenge
oval bumper sticker
Follow Zaneen Dean the exotic,
sexy killer, animal lover.
Hot as hell, extremely explicit!


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