Simon Abbot bullied to death in Jersey Channel Island.

October 16, 2013

Simon Abbot bullied to death in Jersey Channel Island..


Simon Abbot bullied to death in Jersey Channel Island.

October 16, 2013

Simon Abbot bullied to death in Jersey Channel Island.

It turned my gut.

I just read Stuart Syvrets latest blog, THE BBC: ITS HATE-CAMPAIGNING AND TROLLING IN JERSEY:

This is a link to mail on Sundays article to which Stuart Syvret is commenting on.

Here is a link to Simon Abbot’s fathers blog on the issue, it makes very soulful reading   There is a link there to part two of this blog investigation.

My sincere condolences to Simon Abbot’s father and family during what must be a truly horrendous time. As a parent who has lost two children I feel for you.
I believe Simon Abbots was just trying to do some good for others, maybe he fell inadvertently into the trap of treading on somebody’s toes in some way, easy to do in this island, and we all know the result of doing this. I’m not informed enough to pass comment on this as yet or on Murray Norton’s involvement in it or not.
From what I have read there was no basis of any evidence to suggest any cash was being misappropriated by Simon, so unless evidence is produce to the contrary one has to wonder what the real reasons behind the bullying actually were?

(Off topic)
Unfortunately, it seems that anyone who stands up against the establishment and its members or departments is on the slippery road to being bullied out of the island or suffering the excrement that is thrown at them that can destroy their lives let alone their bank balances, because it would be easy to go bankrupt trying to get justice. Take Stuart Syvret, Trevor and Shona Pitman, myself and numerous others a list too long to put in here. Many of us as Stuart Syvret puts it ‘living in penury’, yet still fighting the system that has put us there.

Somebody I met in the street told me that it was put out on the BBC radio that a spot that I know Stuart likes to go to on the beach, was mentioned as a good place to walk ones dogs, they thought this had been done to annoy Stuart. I actually have been walking my dogs in this area for over forty years; have bumped into Stuart on a number of occasions there. Then hoards of people started to go to this area after it was mentioned on air, which wrecked it for me for a while and I have not seen Stuart there since. I then cannot help but wonder if someone knew Stuart liked this spot and tried to destroy it for him, probably not, but it makes one think or at least it did me?

You might like this link, it is an interesting one, has what you will not find in the main stream media in it.

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