Stuart Syvret’s blog removed by google but will return elsewhere.

February 15, 2014

It amazes me that google would bother to remove Stuart Syvret’s blog. So much for freedom of speech you can read what Stuart Syvret has to say about this here on Rico Sorda[s guest blog with Stuart Syvret.


An awful lot of people have kept copies of the postings on Stuart Syvret’s blogs, so what do they intend to do, put everyone in jail?  Gets to be somewhat silly because the more they do the more people will take notice of whatever Stuart Syvret or his followers ( vile bloggers as they, should say we have been labeled)

I truly believe in freedom of speech and choice, but it is obvious to anyone and everyone who looks that those who fight against injustice risk the wroth of the powers that be, and they will get you in the end, although some of us will never give in and never give up no matter what is thrown at us.

I will let you know when Stuarts blog comes back out online and believe me it will.

OMG Look how quickly the offending blog posts have reappeared via another site! Click here

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