Two sides of the Jersey’s Nasty Nick

Here is the link to the Jersey Evening Post


expelled from Reform party after suggesting cancer sufferer was
‘faking it’

This was my comment on a
Political facebook page;

Linda Corby Thank
God I am not associated with this s*** it is disgusting, Having had and
survived cancer twice my feelings are with Kristina Moore,
got a good idea what Mike Pitman is
talking about and know what he means, Nick asked me not to stand
against Sam bet he wishes he had not done so now, but he would be wrong
on this I would have backed Sam !00% and good on Sam for doing the
right thing. Little wonder I like to remain independent, there are so
many things on right and left that I cannot agree with, we need middle
ground politicians who can mediate and have an open mind for both sides
willing to do what is for the betterment of all islanders. Personal
attacks are not acceptable and I wish Kristina Moore all the best for
her future recovery from the cancer, hope she reads this.

The link
to the Voice for Children video
interview with Nick.

Nick Le Cornu Responds To Offensive Tweet.

I use irony all the time, Nick should have known better, the SHE faking it comment  is what will put the backs up of the majority of women from anywhere.  As for St Peter’s Parish, well it is predominately right wing Nick if you are reading this it always has been, I know this from personal experience having stood for Deputy there in 1999.

As far as the local media, well I have been blocked by the JEP for years on various things, you know full well that the general public in Jersey do not respond well to irony or sarcasm .
I was with Nick on Pro choice all those years ago and also on the Jersey Rights Associate committee, which Nick was not on, so I have done my fair share of trying to get Justice and fair play for  the people of the island, but I have never felt the need to be downright insulting to others who have different political views and feel it is idiotic to do so. 

Off topic Nick I got this mental image of you watching and reading all this stuff and the below Winston Chirchill Quote sprung into my head.
Quote ‘A nation trying to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to pull himself up by the handles.’  Nick is fighting against Jersey’s unfair taxation system but right now is finding himself in that bucket, shame but true.

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Now Nick has dug a bigger hole for himself with this BBC Radio interview Here is the BBC Radio link for Nicks interview this morning it starts at 1:05:07 

and a link for channel TV article




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  1. […] Two sides of the Jersey’s Nasty Nick. […]

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