The greed of Jersey C.I

October 13, 2014

The greed of Jersey C.I.


The greed of Jersey C.I

October 13, 2014

This is an extract out of the my book ” The greed of Jersey C.I.”  information that Jersey Channel Islands do not want people to know.

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I have lived in Jersey fifty years as of 2015 and the changes I have seen and the way the people of the island have been sold down the river horrifies me.

In the 1960’s 70’s and 80’s Jersey was known as a great holiday destination for families and honeymooners, with cheap drinks, cheap cigarettes, cheap Jewellery and white goods, great little guest houses and hotels of all sizes to suit all wallets, untold brilliant cabarets, night clubs, and plenty of venues that people could do and see for all ages, plus of course beautiful clean beaches for the bucket and spade brigade.

Of course we also had the Bergerac TV Series being produced in the island ( which also gave work as extras etc to local people in the island as well as being a great advert for Jersey.

Up until the end of the Bergerac series there was work for the islanders, not so these days.

The States of Jersey in their wisdom has deliberately killed the tourism industry in favour of the finance industry, they decided that they should attract the wealthy better off holiday makers to the island, looking down their noses at the normal working class families that made tourism what it was, blooming ridicules and snotty in my opinion as well as incredibly short sighted.

In Jersey now only the wealthy and the greedy appear to be welcomed, disgusting but true. Jersey has some very talented people in the island and could have a brilliant film industry if they had the foresight to give decent grants to locals, but hell no they would rather give money away to  outsiders to produce films that never get produce, the money just disappears, typical example recently is Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean  film fiasco his department handed over £200,000 to a convicted fraudster to film a Hollywood blockbuster (“The Crystal Island” ) in Jersey has told the States that the project has run out of money.  What an idiot, a quick check on the net in google would have revealed this fraudster! That money could have supported a real film in the island, produced by local people.

Check it out!

Reported on 3rd of October 2014

Jersey has taken a tumble in a major league table of international finance centres – and now finds itself behind Glasgow, Gibraltar and even Almaty in Kazakhstan.

I predicted in 2011 when I stood for Senator in the elections, if something drastic is not done Jersey will eventually sink under its own greed, the fact is the rats will leave the sinking ship and because the powers that be continue to put all its eggs into one basket, that being finance, one cannot understand why they do not diversify into other areas, at least make a safety net for the future, build up other baskets, as mainly supposedly business people you would think they would have more common sense, but they do not and I feel for the real people of the island.

Jersey is now a place where dreams are killed, the will to go on is seriously damaged by the constant no help and no go attitude of The States of Jersey, there is untold red tape to everything one might try and do. The only people they want to keep in the island are big business and the very wealthy, with zero contract cheap labour who struggle to keep a roof over their heads and an unequal tax systems that rip off the poor to keep the wealthy, many people are leaving the island, especially Jersey born and long standing residents.

The island is being raped by big building companies, beautiful Jersey properties are being demolished and replace by revolting clusters of crappy properties, sold for over exorbitant prices, kept over inflated by the constant influx of migrants supposedly to be essentially employed in the island, jobs that in the majority of cases local people could be trained to do.

Business are allowed a quota of outside workers and they have to fill this quota or their quota will be dropped so they are obviously going to fill their quotas before employing local people.  In my opinion they have given too many quotas for supposedly essentially employed, plus of course a licence for outside workers can be evoked and they would be more under the thumb than a locally resident Jersey person.

This is what one young Jersey man (Over 21) sent me on facebook messenger and gave me permission to put in my book.


There is no real future in this Island, if building companies and the states had their way all the finance slaves would live in cubicles and do tax returns and Christ knows what else for the super rich that live on this island, there’s a number of things I’ve begun to realise about this place it just sucks out everything that’s good from people and turns them into assholes who drink excessively, neglect their children and have no idea what fealty or loyalty means.

End Quote:

Fealty apparently means loyalty to friends and family.

This is how too many young Jersey people are feeling, hopeless and desperate for a glimmer of hope for a future in their own home.

Far too many are leaving their homes of all ages because they can see no place for them in the future,  and it is now unaffordable for them and many others to live in Jersey.

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