Caravan book touring in the UK

I am having a fantastic time visiting old friends around the UK.
I had very fund memories of wondering around the UK countryside, and now I am doing that again I feel so much more relaxed than I did in Jersey. You can follow my travels on here if you like, and see some of the beautiful pics that I am taking along the way, it is so nice to be home after 50 years away, and I am finding that my writing is benefiting from the freedom to roam I now have.
Obviously, I have to find a base in the UK or return to Jersey, What I decide to do will probably be dictated by how many books I sell as an author it would be lovely to sell enough to stay home for my retirement, not that I will ever really retire, bit boring to do so.
I would also love a bit of land so I could rescue some animals along the way, something very dear to my heart.
The first night in The UK we stayed in a country Lay-by with views to kill for, watched the Squirrels in the trees opposite us as I fell asleep, the second I watch the bats at dusk, then a red fox running across a long field followed shortly after by a family of Badgers, things I remembered seeing often as a child but had near enough forgotten how wonderful they were to watch!


Right Now I am at my friend Joan’s, literally views to kill for,lol.
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