Some things you never get over.

I was watching morning TV the other morning  They had a woman on talking about the grief of losing a child.  I never received any help after losing either of the two children I lost. Benjamin to a cot death in 1976 and Natasha to cancer in 1990, no counselling or anything else was offered to us zilch.

I wrote a thought piece after the program aired, showed it to one friend who thought I should send it to the program, so I am doing so in the hopes it will help whoever reads it to understand the feelings of those who have lost a child or children a little better.

Below is the thought piece.

Behind Weathered Eyes.

By Linda Corby

The tears behind the weathered eyes,

the soulful grey inside,

is not seen by many,

nor is the pain inside.

Losing a loved one is bad enough,

worse when that one is your child,

the memories never fade,

your love of life drained.

The choking of the tears within,

the wish it had been you instead,

never leaves your head,

right up until you are dead.

Time makes little difference,

people say it heals,

I know this is not true,

Nothing can replace a loved one.

Memories spring from everywhere,

From opening ones eyes in the morning,

to our dreams as we sleep,

Evermore they are with us.

At least this is how it is for me,

If you have lost a child,

I expect for you to,

in my case it was two.

If interested I have one book out there of thought pieces, some that have won poetry awards.

bits&bobs bc


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