Humanitarian or Stupid Migration of Refugees.

Humanitarian or Stupid Migration of Refugees.

Humanitarian or Stupid Migration of Refugees.A friend sent me the below message on facebook Being humanitarian by nature I can understand anyone who feels the need to help others. I have to wonder though how many people women especially are really kee to bring in refugees or migrants who will in some cases behave as those described i my friends message?

Hallo dear Linda,-
I hope and wish for you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in Jersey !
For the most Germans the New Years Eve (Silvester) began with a shock:
In several big towns like Cologne,-approxm.1000 arabic men had met at the Cologne railway Station,where lots of Germans were celebrating Silvester. Then suddenly groups with large number of men started to hunt for german women and then surrounded them.Then this arabic men and asylum seekers began to touch the women sexually against their will,-and some men tried also to tear off the women`s clothes from their bodies,-against their will. Three women got raped and over 200 women sexual abused.170 get robbed their money and mobile phones….. WHERE HAVE BEEN THE POLICE?
The Police President of County Nord Rhein Westfalen,sent only 150 policemen to this place. The policemen did as much they were able,-but with only 150 against 1000 Arabs …? Yesterday the Police President was sacked.The next scandal was/is : Policemen whistleblowed that they got “HIGH”order not to tell anything about this terrible Event in public.But because they have been so angry about the fact,that they have not been enough policemen ,-they couldn`t help every screaming and crying woman….-they needed to talk about this . They also got the order if they have to write a Report about this, NEVER use the expression “refugee” or “asylum seekers”. I have the supposal that our DEMOCRACY in Germany get A catholic Bishop wrote,that the Life for the Germans will Change a lot.We couldn`t expect the same freedom we were used before.And that we have to share a lot with the refugees…??? Some demonstrations took part,-the best was the women Demonstration in Cologne a few days ago.LINDA,I`m still a believer in Democracy,and I was so proud that Germany THIS TIME helps poor refugees and People with other religion and culture. And my plan was to help in my freetime in a refugee-accommodation . But since these terrible Silvester Events of Cologne,- I only want to save my life. NO woman in Germany has deserved to get used by asylum seekers and arab migrants as a SEX-TOY. Please keep your Jersey borders closed. And I hope,that Prime Minister Cameron will watch the Situation here in Germany,- and wait for the results of the british Referendum,-before he “invites” ref………s. I HOPE the Situation in Germany becomes better. Today they reported,that they want to make an intensification of sexual criminal law and an intensification of asylum rights. Criminel asylum seekers will have to leave Germany-destination back home


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  1. lcorby says:

    From A German Friend

    CEM ÖZDEMIR,politician of the German Green Party,
    demands to establish a new ,-an EUROPEAN ISLAM,-
    foundet and based on the German Constitution !!

    I suppose, that to do this, they first have to Change
    What does a “Change” mean : It means that our
    German Judiciary and Jurisdiction would become destroyed –
    because of adding the ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW !
    And the result would be :
    1. that all German women could/will become second class civilians-and
    2. also our German Democracy will be destroyed first and removed.

    MY CALL UP to every European Civilian :
    Antje Alexandra Seeger/ Hildesheim/ Germany
    “Wir brauchen einen Islam auf Basis der Verfassung”
    In der Flüchtlingskrise fordert der Grünen-Vorsitzende Cem Özdemir, dass sich die Muslim-Verbände neu aufstellen. „Wir brauchen keinen türkischen oder arabischen Islam, sondern einen europäischen.“
    THURS 22:19

    Since one week, ANGELA MERKEL has not been seen on german TV…..
    Psychoanalytiker warnt: Angela Merkel wird zu einer Gefahr für Deutschland
    Der Druck auf Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel nimmt mit jedem Tag zu. Eine Mehrheit der Bürger glaubt nicht mehr an ihren Kurs in der Flüchtlingskrise. Immer mehr Mitglieder ihrer eigenen Part
    Chat conversation end

  2. Islam is Islam :
    1.) ISLAM always combines Religion and State.
    Which means,if you once have decided ,to Change your Constitution to make it possible to add any kind of ISLAM to it,-
    you automaticly will DESTROY your DEMOCRACY including your JUDICIARY and JURISDICTION –
    because of the ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW !
    2.)The Expression “European ISLAM” seems for me ,-
    that ISLAM will CONQUER / TAKES OVER whole Europe !
    If GERMANY would get an European ISLAM bases on a
    “changed-before” Constitution,-
    then Germany would be the First Islam(ic) State in the EU !
    3.)You should recognize the political CONSEQUENCE:
    The HALF of each/every European Nation are WOMEN,-
    and THESE women would become 2nd-class civilians ,-
    stripped off their rights !!
    Fertilization,-Birth-Giving every year,- Kitchen ,-Obye the husband,-
    this would become the onliest duties & values of us women !!!!
    4.) The german Green Party politician with migrant background
    is a THREATENING example for “succesful Integration” :
    He had and used all the offered chances for migrant kids in Germany to develope and get high education-which gave him the chance to become a politician : But at the TOP of his success,-
    IT SEEMS FOR ME,- he now wants to destroy
    our german Constitution and german Democracy !!

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