R J Ellory did Fake book Reviews yet what Dick Francis did was worse.

September 20, 2012

R J Ellory did Fake book Reviews yet what Dick Francis did was worse.

R J Ellory did Fake book Reviews but what Dick Francis did was worse,

yet no main stream media ever exposed what Dick Francis did,

I would like to know why?

I have a number of books on Amazon and have to say my kindle ones do

sell better.

I believe that VAT should not be applied to any books. When I

read articles such as the one by Andrew Hough  (click here to view)

it makes me wonder if this has something to do with the sales count?

I looked at the number of reviews on ‘Fifty Shades of
Grey’ and found myself asking how much impact the reviews
actually had on its sales? I say this because I have two parts of an
erotica trilogy called ‘Feminist Revenge’ in Kindle on Amazon the third part will be available shortly and I find people tend not to leave reviews on erotica as a general rule, and I cannot understand how ‘Fifty Shades’ got so many reviews?

  I am not saying it has fake reviews or started out
with them, but one has to wonder.

I do not have any fake identities, I haven’t even sent out a
press release that is something I will get round to when the third part
of ‘FeministRevenge’ is released shortly as at around the same
time I will release a printed version for those who are still not
on-line or prefer to read a book in their hands. The reviews I do are
done in my real name and I could not be bothered to waste my time being nasty about the work of others.

I am an author simply because I love to write; money although great if it
comes your way, has never actually been my first consideration. This is
why I made the first part of ’ FeministRevenge’ and several of my other kindle eBooks free for members of the kindle library.   I also give 50%
of my royalties out of my Fairy Stories ‘The Girl who believed in Fairies
to the children’s hospice where I lost my daughter Natasha to cancer at the age of twelve.

One of the reasons some self-published authors have resorted to producing their own fake reviews is the simple fact that the main stream media just do not appear to want to review their publications.

The PR done by main stream publishers is picked up on and advertised by main stream media outlets right left and centre because the majority of the main stream media outlets are owned by the same big media corporations, this means that some reviews in the main stream media are in fact promoting books that their parent companies are publishing and are consequently self promoting their books for profit, this is not in essence any different or immoral to what the small self published author is doing, it is just more hidden from the public who buy books based on their reviews anywhere in the media or on the

At the end of the day rightly or wrongly it is just marketing tactics.

What makes me laugh (tongue in cheek)  is that what Dick Francis

( see this )

did to me was far worse than a few fake reviews done by R J Ellory and
he has apologized for his actions (Click here to view) Dick Francis never apologized to me, and no media outlet has ever exposed him for what he did!

This makes me wonder why RJ Ellory was singled out to be exposed in this way or could this be just another clever marketing ploy to get his name and books highlighted in the media?


Feminist Revenge on the move.

August 17, 2012

Had a funny one this morning in the spar shop, lol, this woman I do not know was chatting to the shop assistant about how Bad ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is and how disgusting it was to make money promoting woman wanting control freak S & M loving men, when the shop assistant advised her to get my Feminist Revenge from Amazon if she wanted a really good read, I nearly feel over backwards, I didn’t know either of them, amazing!

Checked out my sales when I got home and I had sold more copies of ‘Feminist Revenge’  in three days than I had any other  book I have for sale on there this month?

Proof that naughty books sell better 🙂

If you have already bough Feminist Revenge, please do leave your comments here or if you just want to ask a question about it. Thanks.


feminist revenge by Linda Corby

If you are just looking for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ just click on the below link.

Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey / Fifty Shades Darker / Fifty Shades Freed

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