Disgusted by Police Cruel Dog Killing

I am disguised by the murder of a dog by The North Wales Police, (http://www.north-wales.police.uk/news-and-appeals/incident-involving-a-d og-on-the-a55.aspx) what is wrong with using a tranquillizer gun, closing the road to do this for for a reasonable period of time! As for the Police update http://www.north-wales.police.uk/news-and-appeals/further-statement-regarding-the-incident-with-the-dog-on-the-a55-1.aspx just obnoxious of Chief Superintendent Sacha Hatchett  to back officers committing animal cruelty.
People who kill or injure animals are well known to often end up killing people.
The owners of the dog should sue them, they were obviously responsible owners or they would not have had their pet chipped, if I was them I would be heartbroken & devastated. I wonder if they have had any form of apology yet for the unlawful cruel killing of their pet?
People like myself who love animals would like to see the Police Officers responsible sacked end of.. At the least name & shame them!

These are my babies, Foxie watching me

Foxie 7 yr old Blue Merle Border Collie with her pup Spottykins

Spotty waiting for Foxe & Dad

Spottykins  2 yr old Tri Coloured Border Collie watching me.

How would you react had it been your beloved pet that they had so callously run down & murdered?  Just what sort of example is this to give to our children or  grandchildren. British animal lovers should unite to stoop this ever happening again!

What is next Shoot the refugees/migrants when  they arrive on our shores because they might be a danger to our way of life/culture or turn into rapists having zilch respect for woman, as there are after all no checks & balances in place.




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